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Psychedelic Science

Psychedelic substances, used for centuries in traditional rituals, are frameworks for the knowledge of ancestral peoples with characteristics of extraordinary therapeutic potential. Combined with science, they play an important role in the search for alternatives to challenging clinical conditions.

Scirama is a biotech-based startup for Research, Development and Innovation focused on the study of these substances. Our business model, in consonance with the science and technology ecosystem, has a structured portfolio in partnership with academic community and industry. Thus, we seek to make scientific research a reality that can bring quality of life to the portion of society that awaits more efficient therapeutic approaches, especially in mental health.


Research &


Research, Development and Innovation Platform [RDI]



In our RDI platform, we combine the generation of IP through projects focused on the discovery of new compounds and applications with the development of assisted psychotherapy protocols with psychedelic substances. 

See below some of our RDI projects:

Psychedelics are a class of serotonin-like molecules that activate the same receptors. The term psychedelic means “manifester of the mind“. Examples include psilocybin (from “magic mushrooms”), dimethyltryptamines (DMTs, from the Ayahuasca tea and the secretion of some species of frogs) and lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD). Research with psychedelics resurfaced at the turn of the 21st century. In the past five years, nearly three thousand scientific articles have been published on the topic, helping scientists and society to better understand how these substances work and promoting their rescue as medicine.

Using cells and animals in the laboratory, Scirama's partner scientists observed that psychedelics stimulate 5HT2A-R to facilitate cell communication and the formation of new synapses. They identified hundreds of proteins related to neuroplasticity, neurogenesis and the reduction of inflammation and neurodegeneration in human brain organoids exposed, for example, to DMT and LSD. They also demonstrated that LSD can be a potent cognitive stimulator in elderly rats. 

Soon Scirama will launch an open call to innovative research based on the study of psychedelic substances. We aim to contribute to the research ecosystem on this topic.

Our Team

With a multidisciplinary approach, Scirama combines an executive team experienced in structuring business with scientists recognized worldwide in the area, Scirama will be able to test the therapeutic potential of psychedelics under various biotechnological and clinical aspects.

Scientific Collaborators

Stevens Rehen | Scirama

Stevens Rehen

Neuroscientist, entrepreneur, science communicator, podcaster. Professor at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro and Scientist at D’Or Institute. Member of the International Society for Research on Psychedelics, the Latin America Academy of Sciences, the Academy of Sciences for the Developing World, and the Scientific Committee of the Museum of Tomorrow.

Sidarta Ribeiro _ Scirama

Sidarta Ribeiro


Professor and deputy director of the Brain Institute of the Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte. Biologist from UnB, Master in Biophysics from UFRJ, Doctor in Animal Behavior from the Rockefeller University with post-doctoral studies in Neurophysiology at Duke University. Author of more than one hundred scientific articles and five books of fiction and science dissemination. Member of the International Society for Research on Psychedelics and the Latin America Academy of Sciences.

Executive Team

Clarice Pires _ Scirama

Clarice Pires

Economist (UERJ). Master in Public Policy, Strategy and Development by Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ). MBA in Economic and Financial Management (FGV). Specialist in Business Management and Innovation by IEL - COPPE-UFRJ. Founder and responsible for structuring and implementing the Hygeia P&D em Biotecnologia Aplicada S / A. business model, a biotech based startup company successful case.

Marcel Grecco _ Scirama

Marcel Grecco


CEO of THE GREEN HUB consultancy and business accelerator specializing in the legal cannabis industry and with more than 10 companies in its portfolio. Entrepreneur in the A&B, logistics and agribusiness segment. Graduated in administration and with an MBA in luxury hotel management, he has professional experience in large multinationals.

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Our scientific research is evaluated and monitored using the TRL (technology readness level) market tool that analyzes the advancement and evolution of the technologies.

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